My personal experience leveraging autophagy

I learned that autophagy could be initiated by fasting, exercising, detoxifying, exposing to cold and heat. By leveraging this knowledge and obtaining guidance from my health consultants, I developed a personal health and fitness regime.

My purpose was not only to get rid of my minor loose skin but also improve my fitness and health holistically as a by product. Therefore, this regime turned into a new lifestyle for me.

I want to share my experience for awareness briefly. As we are all unique from biological, genetics, physiological, and psychological perspectives, we need to tailor our regimes based on our personal needs. The regime I introduce may not necessarily match to other people. I share this information for awareness purposes only.

My autophagy initiating regime, included several actions.

From a dietary perspective, I eat one meal a day. This regime enables me to stay in a fasted state for at least 16 hours a day. This regime is also commonly known as intermittent fasting. You can learn more about my fasting regime in this link. I use intermittent fasting for other purposes too.

From exercise and fitness perspectives, I perform 30 minutes cardio on the trampoline on the fasted state, 10–15 minutes calisthenics every morning mainly pull-up and push-ups, 30 minutes of weight training for two to three days a week.

I also apply cold and heat exposure frequently. For example, I take 3–5 minutes cold shower every morning. I go to a health center for 30-minute dry sauna or infrared sauna at least twice a week.

Our skins need to be hydrated to stay healthy. Therefore, I ensure that my electrodes are at an optimal level. Due to my special diet, I am careful about having enough sodium (mineral salt) and magnesium for my body.

Another key health measure I apply is regularly removing the toxins and heavy metals from my body. Even though perspiration through sauna helps me for this purpose, I also use activated charcoal based on scientific proof.

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