New Habits for Fat Loss

Eating more protein and healthy fat in my meals relieved the hunger and reduced food cravings. Whenever I feel like eating a snack, I asked: do I need more glucose in my bloodstream?

Pausing for a moment and asking powerful questions became a habit.

My next discovery was intermittent fasting and the ketogenic diet. Fasting 16 hours, eating in the 8-hour windows, have significantly affected fat loss for me. Fasting with the ketogenic diet was extra beneficial.

My body became fat-adapted. I learned to burn fat naturally. I never felt hungry again in this regime. All my food cravings disappeared naturally. Calories I got from healthy fat and protein made me feel satisfied quickly and sustain for hours. However, when I was eating high carbs diet, I never felt satisfied and quickly felt hungry again.

So, my point is not all calories are equal. For example, calories from nutritious dense food and healthy fats are more satisfactory than refined carbs.

While healthy fat consumption has minimal impact on insulin rise, sugary foods skyrocket it. In addition, leptin and ghrelin play a massive role in feeling hunger and satiety. I discussed leptin resistance in this article titled How I Turned Off My Hunger Switch: Satisfying my leptin with healthy fats made the most significant difference.

When I broke my fast at dinner time, the food was delicious. I used food for fuel, not for emotional numbing. I stopped counting calories. I reduced cardio and increased resistance and weight training.

Shortly afterwards, I lost around ten pounds of fat to surprise of my family. I shared my experience in an article titled: I Was Overweight When I Was Not Doing These Things. Losing solid fat, especially from the belly, was a remarkable achievement. I felt healthier, happier, and more satisfied with my life. My friend Eliza’s story is also interesting. She lost 30 pounds in six months and never gained it again using similar diet.

As a by-product of my excellent health and fitness, after 50 years of age, the first time in my life, I witnessed definitions in my belly. Here is How I Gained Six-Packs After 50 Years Old.

By learning the importance of insulin in weight management, I selected a new lifestyle that supported my goals. I am on one meal daily for a long time. I love it because it suits to my lifestyle. Interestingly, breakfast was not necessarily the most important meal as my parent.

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