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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Melissa Raise

Do You Believe in Your Ability to Succeed?
Your success may just depend on

Cristo Lopez, PhD

5 Quick Keys to Being Compassionate Every Day
Lessons learned about compassion and love from a jolly old

Sachin Mishra

What are The Best Places to Promote My Blog
Hard Work + Large Audience = Success +


Why I started an ingratitude list
Ingratitude lists, Gratitude lists. Bad Days, Good Days. Sadness, Joy. That’s life. Live it

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

A New Way To Attract Readers
The search goes on!

Nadia Leda

How I Retrained My Procrastination Monster to Work With Me
How I learned to handle anxiety-driven

Floyd Mori

There Are Still Rednecks In The Country
They have their own

Sharon Brandon (Readywriter59)

You Must Keep Moving

Jude C. Ifeanyi

2 Powerful Copywriting Lessons from Rapper J-Cole
How to get better at any

Mayank Pamnani

How To Be Motivated To Write One Article Per Day?
Simple steps to

Joe Luca

Expletives and Political Indifference
A Poem With a

Agnes Laurens

Awake and Not Awake
An acrostic poem about the first sentence when you woke up this

CR Mandler MAT

An acrostic

Christopher Akinlade

Being Perfect Is Not a Viable Destination
… and other lessons from Seth

Tree Langdon

When We Run The Energy
Infuse your

Jessica Donahue, PHR

You Need To Change How You Value Talent
And view employees as the assets they have always

Trista Ainsworth

The Beauty of Being Impulsive
There is magic in sometimes acting on

Noah Levy

I’m A Gen Z Yuppie Who’s Professionally & Emotionally Confused
During an isolating

Dew Langrial

The Most Underrated Advice on Writing Style That You Must Follow
You can express the same idea in more than one

Jeff Herring

11 Universal Gifts for ThanksLiving
…perhaps all year long?

Bill Abbate

The Love of Learning in the Current Age
Knowledge of the world at your

Amanze Collins

How to Find The Courage To Try Despite The Fear
Find the courage to believe in

Deena Thomson

It’s True
I’m sorry I had to

Patrick M. Ohana

Life of a Writer
A lonesome

Tree Langdon

Are They Asking To Be Rescued?

Jacquelyn Lynn

Why do People Want to Help You — or Not?
Clue: It’s your

Daniel A. Teo

my pen runs dry
a poem of false

Dr. Fatima Imam

Peaceful Abode

Liam Ireland

The Hunt For Red October
On being torpedoed by a well meaning

Stacy Belinsky

What Happened to the Pizza?
The Choices That Changed Everything In Eight

Amy Culberg

Take a Break!
Stop Going!

H. L. Warren

15 Irrefutable Signs That You’re Falling in Love
Could they be the one?

Christopher Harvey

I Was Trapped In This Tangle Of Horror
The Story Of The Diesel Wreck That Should Have Killed

Japjit Singh ⭐

Reduced and low blood pressure: 100, 90, 80, 70, 60 to 60 and below
Arterial pressure is understood as the pressure that blood produces on the vascular walls. The parameter that can be…

Emily Cradduck

When the Circle Ends
Do we know when we’re about to die?

Jim McAulay🍁

Canadians Are Too Polite
An embarrassing

Phil Matthew

What I learned From COVID Devastating My Industry & Career
My Career came crashing down with COVID. But It taught me a lot, here’s what I

Christopher Madsen

Gifts Grace
An acrostic poem for the holiday

K Ann

I Gave Up Alcohol For 60 Days and Was Amazed at the Results
I Got More Sleep, Was More Productive, and Had Much More


Running Out of Creative Ideas? Boredom May Be Just The Answer
From an early age, I would spend every single Saturday at my Nan and Granddads. If I’m brutally honest, back then I…

Koko Wolfe

Thank You
What if… for everything that happened in life, we said “T𝒽𝒶𝓃𝓀 Y𝑜𝓊.”

Zul Bal

A Year of Letting Go and Letting Be
Why I’m resetting my intentions this

Abishaik Mohan

Seven Best Tips for Aspiring Software Engineers
You are more than you think you really are!

Dr. Preeti Singh

Hello I Am Awake
An acrostic poem about the first sentence on waking this

Karen Madej

Weekly Wisdom from Karen

Ephraim Champion

The Only Way to Change Your Mind
Achieve the life you

Jennifer Friebely

AOC: Americans Desperate For Help And Mitch McConnell Broke The Senate
A poignant, eloquent plea to anyone

Aldric Chen

3 Reasons People Avoid You All The Time.
Do people avoid you? Maybe you have these

Amanda Closs

Simplicity is Valuable
I finally understand the desire for

Zahra Ali

I’ve been looking a hot-mess
I must confess 
It’s time to rock my Jim Carrey’s dress
Teasing you with a little of my…

Just a Slytherin hissing

Crip camp : Directing your anger to a productive cause
Have you ever been so angry, that you buckled up and got working to find a long lasting solution to what tipped you…

Michael Ranjitsingh

3 Surprising Insights From A Christmas Tree Farmer
You can learn something from

Floyd Mori

Weird Remedy Used By Ben Carson For COVID-19 Treatment
He says he is

Jazmeen Azman

22 Micro-Habits of Selfless Heroes
What separates the highly thoughtful from the highly

Rob Eggers

Your Stress Container

Tom Fenske

Three Lessons from Bodybuilding Which Will Make You a Better Writer
Training is the architect, but resting is the

Markus Scorelius

Dear President Don the Con Trumpet, Little Horn of Daniel,
May I call you Little Horn? I’ve kinda gotten used to

Vee Goldman

When Your Links To The Ancestors Slip Off The Coil
You feel further adrift from your past, but don’t forget the future or the

EP McKnight, MEd

How Homelessness is not a Mindset
Emily Zamourka had a dream, and sang like an

Terry Mansfield

Short and Tall in the Saddle
A poetic tale about a gunfight in America’s Old

Jeff Herring

Random Thoughts & Tips About Creating Profitable Content
Use 1 of ’em, 3 of ’em, or all of ‘em!

Obsidian Eagle

Aztec Poetry (In Triplicate)
Intimations of Lost

Derek Oxley

Podcasting Gold Rush
Don’t allow your past failure self doubt stop you from staking your claim during the greatest time in

Naf Beltran

Two Social Media Platforms Every Writer Must Use for Personal Branding
As a writer, own your

Luqman Abdi

Focus On What’s Under Your Control
You’ll waste less

Deena Thomson

Woah, what’s going on?
Woke up this

Cody Collins

How Work From Home Hurts the Economy
Everything is connected. As any middle school algebra teacher will tell you, a change in X causes a change in Y. The…

Mynah Marie

Writers, You Might Be Doing Something Illegal Without Knowing It
Be careful about how you’re using affiliate

Yahya jamaldine

Stop Listening to Music While Running
You don’t know what you’re

Michele Grieve

Cushion The Blow
A Tale of

Dayana Sabatin

Stop Dreaming — Start Doing
After you write down everything you want out of life, when are you going to actually start doing what needs to be done…

Rochelle Silva

Good Morning World!
An acrostic poem about the first sentence you told yourself when you woke up this

Bettina Villegas

Let’s Use Our Hands to Soothe
And create some, during this journey to Ithaka we’re

S M Mamunur Rahman

I Completed 15 LinkedIn Courses for Free, in One Month
You can do it too if you possess a learning

Lotta Bernstein

How To Win Trust in an Instant With This Simple Psychological Trick
Instant good vibes, anyone?

Jesse M. Gonzalez

Do Not Stop
A Narrative Account of My First

Deepak Sethi

Wishes and Dreams Do Come True
Never stop

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