7 Tips to Prevent Cognitive Decline and Impairment

The earlier actions we take, the slower the decline can be.

This article focuses on cognitive health, highlighting the risk factors for cognitive decline and impairment. I provide seven practical tips to prevent progress based on healthy lifestyle approaches.

Cognitive decline refers to the gradual impairment of the nervous system and the brain regions affecting the daily lives of patients. It might start as mild and get intensified as the conditions progress.

Cognitive impairment describes the current state of patients. People with cognitive impairment experience memory loss, confusion, difficulty in recognizing others, and constant mood fluctuations.

The most common cognitive decline and impairment are seen in dementia patients. Alzheimer’s, as a dementia type, is the most widespread cognitive decline and impairment among older adults. Currently, Alzheimer’s disease affects over six million Americans.

Seven Practical Steps to Lower the Risks of Cognitive Decline and Impairment

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