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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Dr Mehmet Yildiz

The Real Meaning of $1 Tip
How small awards can motivate

Michael Patanella

On This Thanksgiving 2020
Blessings and giving thanks, are more crucial than

Joe Luca

Why is Being in the Moment Such a Frightening Place?
Or Why It’s

Jeff Herring

A Few Powerful Thoughts on List Building with Your Content
Which one will you use first?

Robert Trakofler

On This Day of Thanks Giving
Gratitude in the Time of

Ryan Porter

You’ll Realize How Much you’ve Learned This Year Once you Put Everything into Perspective
The pandemic was a necessary wake-up

Bobby Dubey

Why we Hate 2020, Although it could’ve been Our Best year Ever.
2020 has been weird and

Mayank Pamnani

Simple Roadmap To Gain 10,000 Followers on Medium In Few Months
Become a top

Dew Langrial

Editor’s Choice — Top 10: The Stories You Must Read
Picking the best stories from Illumination

Phil Truman

Skins Game, Part 3
The final

Floyd Mori

Seeing People Again Is A Bonus
Social media

Deena Thomson

Poppies- Chapter 1
Part 1- Chapter

I. Trudie Palmer

When Being Happy in the Now Catches You Offguard
Take it as it

Viki Hines

Four Ways To Not Piss Off Your Airbnb Guests
Tips from a professional short-term

K. O. Pinlac

Can we find our purpose by studying Animals cavorting on trees?
What happened when I saw two squirrels playing a game of tag along a slender branch of an overgrown Eucalyptus

Gary Goodwin

Leading your Life
What Opportunity appears to lie for using your business skills to provide meaning?

Dianne Sullivan

The Basics of Personal Finance You Didn’t Learn at School
The lessons in personal finance that I’ve taught myself — you can learn from my

Caroline de Braganza

You Don’t Need to Be a Climate Activist to Make a Difference
Re-calibrate your lifestyle and you could save the

Alberto Guerrero

Now is All You’ve Got
It is what it

Lynette Clements

Pay-Back Time!
On A River Sandbank, Revenge Had It’s

Jim McAulay🍁

Why I Follow Franco Amati

Nasar Karim

The Paper Crown
A poem about

Tessa Andrews

The Voice in the Marsh
A Short


Every Youtube ‘Morning Routine’ Video Has These 7 Things
Collating the Conventional Wisdom of Youtube ‘Morning Routines’ into a Single

Charlene Marron

Slow Cooker

Dr. Preeti Singh

The Beautiful Bride
Auspicious wedding

Claudia Stack

Willow Chapter 1: The Inside Door
A serial novel by Claudia

America Zed

Subtle Strings
Poetry of

Alice White

7 Simple Things You Can Do to Immediately Feel Better
Small steps can make a big

Pene Hodge

Thanksgiving 2020 — What Are You Grateful For?
Being grateful and giving

Vee Goldman

Don’t Let Christmas and Thanksgiving Be The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Chris McQueen

7 Ways To enhance your Microsoft Teams Experience
This guide isn’t just for the over the

Aamir Kamal 🚀🚀🚀

How Much YouTube Pay Per 1K, 10K, 100K, 1 Million And I Billion Views?
In-depth research about how much YouTube pays for nK views and How Much Money I have made on YouTube?

Amanze Collins

Keeping The Smile With Awareness
Do not

Dr. Fatima Imam

Calm in Chaos

Geetika Sethi

Be Your Own Anchor to Wear the Crown
The best way to do so is to stay positive and with the self-belief to look out through the most beautiful window of…

David Rudder

On the Shore
The smell of the salt sea air on the

Shamar M

Vocal Media: Is It Good?
Is it another source of writing income?

Trista Ainsworth

Thank You For the Connections
From my heart to yours, we are

The Dozen

The One Thing Keeping You From Being Happy
The Ego is Never

Tree Langdon

A Writing Tool That Changed My Writing Life

Aldric Chen

Are You Playing With Double Negatives All The Time?
It eats into memory

Floyd Mori

Some Japanese Americans Are Republicans Because of FDR
They were unable to forgive and

Daniel A. Teo

You only age

Kylie Craft

My Powerful Evidence That Death Is Not The End
Signs of comfort from the afterlife during times of

Kiranjeet Kaur

Feelings during

Agnes Laurens

Super Mom
When your kids think you’re a super mom knowing all and doing everything they

Gary Goodwin

Leading your Life
A great way to use your business skills for


How To Stop Feeling Bad About Feeling Bad
We need to feel what we need to

Katia Ray

Does the ‘True Calling’ Exist?
I have tried hard to pursue my dreams just to realize that our concept of ‘calling’ is

Ryan McCombs Jr

Pardon, ME?
Pardon, ME?!

Yousuf Rafi

It’s a New Day
Open your eyes and praise your Lord; it’s a new

René Junge

Humming People Give Me Creeps
Do you know the people standing in front of you at the cash register and humming softly to themselves? What’s wrong…

Michael Ranjitsingh

A Cat’s Love
This is the story of a cat called Duster,

Joan Kent, PhD

Is a Raw Diet Good for You?
Some raw foods may disrupt thyroid

Koko Wolfe

How May I Serve?
The answer to the

Vivek Naskar

What We Can Learn From Donald Trump After US Elections 2020
For the past few days, I have been following the news and I have never been entertained and disappointed at the same…

Zach Klebaner

How Taking Risks Elevates Your Creativity
What I learned from performing comedy every

Roger Himes Esq.

Thanksgiving: A Grateful Heart
All Religions and Psychology Agree: When We Live in a Grateful, Thankful Attitude, Life Goes Better All the Way

EP McKnight, MEd

How to Make Avocado Your Hair’s Best Friend
What is good for you inside can be good for you

William (Dollar Bill) Mersey

Interpreting Your Stats
They tell the unvarnished

Haimish Mead

Facing the music
“Suggest termination of lessons as a complete waste of my time.”

Emily Jennings

3 Reasons Why I Won’t be Getting a Vaccine
I’d like to give my body a chance to produce its own antibodies, thank you very

Matt Stevenson

Why Electronic Voting Is Still a Horrible Idea
Electronic voting opens the door to fraud on a massive


Nubian Queen

The Dozen

Write More Confidently by Avoiding This One Thing
Even top performers do

Harun Güneş

8 Life Lessons to Learn from The Alchemist
There is a big world to explore inside

Obsidian Eagle

Poetic Triplets
A Literary

Upen Singh

The Big Leap
Finding & living in your

Pene Hodge

Shared Spaces — Be Part Of The Solution
The conundrum of sharing the workplace bathroom and similar

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