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Humans have the ability to look towards and plan for the future. This capacity for future-orientation distinguishes us from other creatures.

Our brain has evolved and developed a unique part — the neocortex. This structure, also known as the prefrontal lobe, enables us to think about, plan, and visualize the future, as well as analyze mistakes. The only way in which we truly LEARN is from an awareness of our mistakes. By learning from the past, leveraging the moment, we can design our future.

We can dream about the future, make plans, and create our reality. We have proven this over the centuries.

Many of us desire to live a heroic life. But only a minority achieve it. Every human being has the capacity to experience and enjoy an extraordinary life.

We deserve a heroic and extraordinary life. Nature created us all equally. Ideally, none of us must be exempted from this natural and universal right. However, in reality, some of us still operate under the rules of others.

We have just one shot at making the best out of our existence on this planet. Life is short. We have a predetermined period to live. Every minute passes, we consume our life quota.

Living a heroic life is coded in our genes, but our reptilian brain prevents us from living it for the sake of survival. It creates fear and anxiety hindering us from going out of our comfort zone. Change used to equal danger. We have adapted the ability to create opportunity and advancement for the greatest existence as opposed to survival by stagnation.

Challenges of our daily life suppress our potential. The noise from daily chores hides our potential and authentic voice. Some of us feel so desperate and give up living a meaningful life. We look for the solution in the wrong places and get disappointed when we find no right answer.

We are designed to grow continuously. But we stop growing due to physical, mental, and emotional challenges.

After this background, in this post, I want to introduce a concept called transhumanism. What does transhumanism mean?

The purpose of transhumanism is to transition from being ordinary and transform into an enhanced human being, without eugenics.

Transhumanism touches almost every discipline and topic. Anything related to human beings can be part of transhumanism.

One of the most common concerns of humanity is death. Therefore, there has been a significant focus on expanding our lifespan and living as long as possible. Thus, longevity became a popular topic in science and technology.

No one wants to die younger. We desire to live longer with a higher quality of life. Longevity and high-quality living are the main goals of transhumanism.

Some radical thoughts on transhumanism even touch on eradicating death. Currently, this does not seem possible. These are, of course, aspirations, but with the speed of technology and scientific breakthroughs, we see some potentials. We also know from nature that some creatures and plants live incredibly long. Some scientific studies even claim that some plants don’t die.

Considering what life was a thousand years ago, contemplate how the next thousand years can broaden our horizons. Imagination and aspiration with an open mind and growth mindset are critical for our growth. Heroic people understand this, and they live with passion.

Technology and science make substantial progress. We are now capable of adding microchips and even nanochips to biological entities. We can collect data from these entities, analyze them, and produce actions with the help of these microchips and nanochips.

Transhumanism aims to go above and beyond our capabilities. Possibilities endlessly abound. Focusing on possibilities, creating new options, and growing with them can create miracles.

Miracles are not spiritual concepts anymore. We already create them. Ordinary things that we take for granted in our daily lives our ancestors would find miraculous. Imagine how our thousand-year-old ancestors would think about electricity, aeroplanes, telephony, television, and the Internet.

Technological breakthroughs, like molecular nanotechnology and quantum computing, open new doors and windows to our future. By leveraging the capabilities of nanotechnology and quantum physics, we can build multi-dimensional structures at molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels.

Scientists now redefine and refine materials at the subatomic level. We are unlearning the old bodies of knowledge, creating new paradigms of thought and knowledge.

I firmly believe that artificial intelligence can enhance human intelligence. By using artificial intelligence, we can aim for human superintelligence. Transhumanism aims for superintelligence for all humans.

When the power of human creativity is extended and supplemented (not replaced) with the power of artificial intelligence, we can create miracles.

Research into genetic engineering, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and robotics are rapidly proceeding in many research institutions. Mass collaboration contributes to the speed of breakthrough-outcomes.

Let’s take genetic studies as an example. Modifying genes is not a dream anymore. We are capable of creating genetically modified plants, animals, and even human parts. Gene therapy is real. We can change our genes and code them for new actions. They are not common yet, but they happen on a smaller scale.

Change does not happen immediately and will take some time. While we focus on our dreams and aspirations, we also need to consider many aspects of humanity and society. These technological and scientific breakthroughs have philosophical, spiritual, religious, political, economic, and ethical implications.

I strive for transformation. Finding a better version of myself is a passion for me. My interest areas are lifehacking and biohacking. I introduced the concept of sensible biohacking. Sensible biohacking means experimenting carefully, gradually, and meaningfully. It is a lifestyle choice for me.

Sensible biohacking is a form of transhumanism as reflected in my publication Transhumanism Leadership. I study transhumanism leadership using my skills in multiple disciplines such as technology and cognitive science. From my preliminary findings, I know that we can form habits using the best practices accumulated in the body of knowledge. Our habits determine our long-term success.

Making each new lifehack and biohack helped me find a better version of myself.

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