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Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today

Alexis Behrend

The Alchemy of Your First 100,000 Words
Welcome to the Hogwarts Dojo of Creativity and Productivitymedium.com


Editor’s Pick: Dipping Into the Portfolio of Another of Illumination’s Poets
The Poetry of Dr Preeti Singhmedium.com


New Writers Bulletin
Welcome 160 writers joined to ILLUMINATION todaymedium.com

Paul Myers MBA

A Millenials’ View of the New World
The impact of the global pandemic on the next generationmedium.com

The Maverick Files

5 Steps to Financial Independence Without Giving Up on Dreams
Chasing “Early Retirement” is not the holy grailmedium.com

Susannah MacKinnie

Home Is Where the Heart Is
No place like homemedium.com

Tree Langdon

‘Rot On’ Dates and Anaphylactic Ants
The problem with best before datesmedium.com

EP McKnight, MEd

My Trip To Bangor, Maine
I was contracted to bring my solo show, “I Question America-Legacy of Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer to Thomas Collegemedium.com

Randy Wolken

This Moment In The COVID-19 Crisis Is Different — And More Dangerous
Let’s act in ways that are appropriate for nowmedium.com

Joe Luca

A Poem About Just Thatmedium.com

Jeff Herring

Top 7 Reasons to Repurpose Your Content on Twitter
Yes, Twitter…medium.com

Janice Arenofsky

Cliches that Stick in Your Craw
My favorite clunkersmedium.com

Vic Bowling

How To Practice a Mini-Meditation To Achieve Lasting Results
Enjoy your thirty-second retreat with your eyes open.medium.com

Gary Westfal

8 Ways to Monetize Your Writing
Medium makes it possible.medium.com

Obsidian Eagle

Obsidian Eagle: Anti-Poet Extraordinaire
Flying under the radar and above the weathermedium.com

Jim McAulay🍁

Rex Murphy, The Sad Story Of A Once Respected Journalist
And the ongoing descent into chaosmedium.com

Anish Ramjee

Do You Often Crave “Me-Time”?
The need for solitude, according to Anthony Storrmedium.com

Floyd Mori

The Former Mayor Of NYC
It is strange how he is actingmedium.com

Lori Lamothe

Leap of Faith
Only Connectmedium.com

Vee Goldman

Alone In Your Head
Feeling not of this worldmedium.com

Shreya Badonia

You’re An Art
A poem for the artistmedium.com

Caroline de Braganza

Who Drew Me up to Be Thus?
A response to Andoumboulou and Vorfreudemedium.com

janny’s heart


Leonel Carvalho®

What is true love?
I learned that we stay with Who we should and not the one we would like. sometimes the person we should be with. makes…medium.com

Julia E Hubbel

I Miss (a response to Janny’s Heart)
A poem about cravingsmedium.com

Charlene Marron

Pavlov’s Poet
A tritriplicatamedium.com

Julia Barbosa

Why Boredom is Good for You (But It’s Still Boring)
What the science of boredom can tell us about how we spend our timemedium.com

Kane S

A Haikumedium.com

Patrick M. Ohana

Other Moving Lives
Life framesmedium.com

Dr. Jackie Greenwood

Playing Badly
An acrostic challengemedium.com


No More Tomorrow
An offbeat micro poem.medium.com

Emily Wilcox

Dead Annoying
A poem about Death the personmedium.com

Greg Barber

New Apartment

David Rudder

It burns holes in our pocketsmedium.com

Tree Langdon

My Ukulele Always Makes Me Smile
An Acrostic Poemmedium.com

Bill Abbate

How to Deal with the Busyness of Life
What are your real priorities?medium.com

Bambzi Ellis

Three Things I Tell Myself To Stop My Pity Parties
They can probably help you toomedium.com

The Maverick Files

The Strings that Sing
A poem about my favorite instrumentmedium.com

Jani Nendl

I Tried 5 Different Productivity Journals
Do they work?medium.com

Salman Amin

Exercise for Better Sleep
Exercise is important for good sleep, no matter what age you are. However, the type of exercise may vary depending on…medium.com

Emily Andersson

7 Ways for Writers to Stop Procrastinating and Be More Productive
Tips to my fellow procrastinatorsmedium.com

Amanze Collins

3 Habits To Eliminate To Be Successful
Over the past few years, I’ve spent a lot of time trying to figure out what the key to success is.medium.com

Dr John Rose

Exploring Feral Ideas.
Explaining Feral Ideas using Rocks and Sand.medium.com

Anita Sud

Festival Of Lights –
And Gratitudemedium.com

Sruthi Korlakunta

21 Titles People Will Definitely Want to Read About
Tired of writing about COVID, race, AI, writing advice, self-help, and Donald Trump?medium.com

Annelise Lords

Miracle Didn’t Go To The Wrong Address
A story on the power of miracles.medium.com

Matthew Enubuje

How Insta Models Get $10K+/Month For Being Real (Or Fake)
Their strategy works for other Instagrammers too.medium.com

Trista Ainsworth

Abundance on Vacation
While in Japan we experienced amazing abundancemedium.com

Panos Grigorakakis

Are We Capable of Destroying the World?
Before answering, consider this…medium.com

Jack K.M.

I spent 9 hours a day stuck to my phone. Now only 2. Here’s how.
I was addicted to my phone. I never went a minute without it. Now that’s changed dramatically, and I’m happier because…medium.com

Bobby Dubey

4 Uncomfortable Habits to Embrace to Have a Fulfilling day.
It’s not easy but it’s worth it.medium.com

Gal Mux

5 Features On Medium For Android That I Am Really Looking Forward To
Medium is probably the best way to blog in 2020.medium.com

Amy Marley

Random Things About Me
In no particular ordermedium.com

Christina M. Ward

Are You Frustrated with Your Performance on Medium?
This is not the time to doubt yourselfmedium.com

Orestis Spanos

Why Authenticity Is the “Key ” When You Deal With Strangers’ Mockings.
I am sure you too had a moment in your life that you wondered: “Should I be nice and real to people? Or should I be…medium.com


The Survival Skill that we take for Granted — How to Read a Book?
The correct methods to digest and absorb knowledge from silent teachersmedium.com

Avis J. Williams

True Love
A Love Poemmedium.com


Secret Of Happiness!
True Happiness is something that comes from deep inside. An optimistic person will always be happy. We should be happy…medium.com

Akarsh Nalawade

Does Eating Dog Make You A Liberal?
An analysis of Johnathan Haidt’s “The Righteous Mind”medium.com

Veronica Georgieva

How to Stop Wasting Time in 4 Steps
Too many times I’ve sat down and thought about where I would have gotten if I hadn’t wasted as much time as I had.medium.com

Zo Sajjad

Harry Styles Wearing A Skirt On The Cover of Vogue VS Triggered US Right-Wingers
‘Bring back manly men!’medium.com

Gary Goodwin

Leading your Life: Chapter 2
Can a business model help your own life?medium.com

Imran Bangash

A Good Leader in Organisation
Coachable and Transformative Leadershipmedium.com

Amanze Collins

6 Golden Tips To Have More Confidence In Yourself
Confidence is a belief in oneself, the conviction that one has the ability to meet life’s challenges and to succeed —…medium.com

Keno Ogbo

A Tale of Two Lockdowns
First in March and now in November, people are experiencing a second lockdownmedium.com

Phil Gaspard

COVID-19 Good or Bad?
Quarantine and retirementmedium.com

David Cenicola, M.Ed.

The Little Fishermen
Finding Actionable Love when you figured it was Lost ….medium.com

Orestis Spanos

Why Authenticity Is the “Key ” When You Deal With Strangers’ Mockings.
I am sure you too had a moment in your life that you wondered: “Should I be nice and real to people? Or should I be…medium.com

Markus Scorelius

5 Modern Day Gnostic Clinical Research Haikus
An extra-credit school assignment.medium.com

Lady Foxx

An Aloof Spirit
Heartless, Sadistic or Nah?medium.com

Nadeesha Emaduwa

Lessons From The Founding Father of The United States
Benjamin Franklinmedium.com

Colin Thomas

On a layover at Heathrow, or Munich, or Manama, I can’t remember
Twirling the small straw in my vodka & tonic at 10 am…

Jack Burt

Laughing At The Sky
Hanging By 300 Feet Of Oilmedium.com

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