Three Tips to Delay Gratification for a Better Health

A single mindset shift significantly impacted my health improvement journey, especially managing a healthy weight.

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How can we improve our health by delaying gratification?

Millions of people suffer from the effects of instant gratification. As one of the causes of impulsivity, boredom is a complex emotion to handle. We evolved to live on the edge. Interestingly, humans have impulsivity genes aiming to keep us alive. As highlighted in this scientific paper on BMC, “Impulsivity is a heritable, multifaceted construct with clinically relevant links to multiple psychopathologies.”

The brain creates the urge to communicate what we need at a fundamental level. Some urges might be absolute needs for our survival. Some might be mixed and conflicting messages if we don’t understand the real meaning of the urge. Emotions are highly complex caused by chemical, electrical, and biological signals in the cells.

Without going into scientific details, in this story, I share a practical approach that I learned from my two mentors, Janine and Henry, both were psychotherapists with medical degrees, as I introduced in my previous stories. Their guidance helped me and many other people deal with urges, delay gratification, improve health significantly, and gain life satisfaction.

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

Please note that this story is not health advice. I shared my reviews, observations, and perspectives for information purposes only. If you have disease symptoms please consult your healthcare professionals.

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