How to Get a Healthy Self-Employed Life

Insights from 40 years of employment in demanding workplaces explaining health and well-being benefits of self-employment after tasting it as sense of freedom

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Why I Still Work as Semi-Retired Entrepreneur and Keep Writing, Researching, and Producing

Unless we inherit millions of dollars, luxury houses, and expensive properties from our wealthy parents or other family members or hit the jackpot, we all need income to survive in this modern world. Some of us earn our living by working hard. Some people work smart. I share my four decades of work experience and perspectives with crucial lessons learned in this short story.

Many people prefer working for others for perceived safety purposes and other reasons. Some people desire to be their own boss and sacrifice the benefits of working for others. Some of us are leaders, some followers, and some both. An employment type working for someone might not work for others. There are myriad factors affecting our employment preferences.

Unfortunately, unrealistic assertions about earning money easily and swiftly with no effort turn me off. The reality is 95% of small businesses established by individuals fail in the first year. Or they survive a maximum of five years with great difficulties.

Being in the 5% is not an easy job. It is possible, but it requires effort, vision, strategy, flexibility, agility, discipline, focus, attention, commitment, excellence, loyalty, collaboration, growth mindset, clarity, impact, patience, empathy, and dedication to work. In addition, we need to deal with myriads of setbacks effectively as they are inevitable.

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a happy and healthy life. If you enjoyed this story, you may also check my collection including personal stories profiling interesting people in my social circles giving perspectives into solving various life challenges.

Insightful Life Lessons from Personal Stories
A summary of valuable perspectives gained from people whose paths crossed with mine via serendipitous

Please note that this story is not health or career advice. I shared my personal experience for information only. If you have employment concerns or disease symptoms, please consult your health care professionals and career advisors.

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