My Battle with Carbs: How I Learned to Let Go of Anger and Take Control with Intellect and Intuition.

The unexpected lessons learned and actions taken when I discovered carbs and fiber weren’t essential nutrients for humans.

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Overcoming Challenges with Personal Responsibility: How I Transformed Adversity into Opportunity

I wrote this story to share a transformative experience that ultimately improved my health and well-being using my intellect, intuition, and adversity quotient.

I intend to provide a brief overview of my exciting journey towards a healthier lifestyle, including critical points and practical tips with examples, without delving into unnecessary detail.

Three decades ago, I was surprised to learn that carbs and plant fiber were not essential nutrients. This revelation came as a shock to me and initially left me feeling angry and betrayed.

I felt misled and frustrated by the incorrect information that had caused me to develop a metabolic disorder and come close to becoming diabetic.

However, upon further reflection, I understood that the misinformation was not solely the fault of careless scientists and selfish businesses.

It was also due to the well-intentioned actions of my loved ones — my parents, teachers, friends, mentors, and colleagues — who had been misinformed themselves.

These innocent and loving people had no intention of harming me or hurting my feelings but rather were victims of the same deception.

Fortunately, I knew the importance of acceptance and forgiveness to heal and transform.

As I know acceptance was the starting point for healing, I accepted my setbacks and situation even though it hurt me badly during that time.

I’m grateful to have recognized the significance of acceptance and forgiveness in this process. Acceptance with forgiveness was a crucial step in my healing journey, even though it was a painful strategy.

I accepted responsibility for my own situation and forgave those who had contributed to it, as well as myself. This act of forgiveness and kindness gave me the mental and emotional space to actively seek viable solutions.

It is often through experiencing adversity that we come to appreciate the value of pleasure and happiness. The thought that we cannot fully appreciate joy without first experiencing pain can be a comforting one during times of struggle.

No, I was not angry or disappointed with carbs; I was angry with the behavior of humans.

I must clarify that my frustration was not directed toward carbs or fiber as a food group. Carbs can be a nutritious and valuable energy source for humans, and fiber can support the health of some people. I harbor no ill will toward any kind of food.

Instead, my issue was with the misinformation and deception that had led me to believe that carbs were essential and had nearly caused me harm.

Leading journalists and writers such as Gary Taubes and Nina Teicholz have encountered similar feelings of frustration and disappointment due to this deception but have channeled those experiences into creating impactful works that serve to inform and inspire the public.

I was disappointed by those who had misused the scientific method and presented false or misleading information to the public for their own gain. I was also angry with those businesses that used this information to exploit and profit from the suffering of others.

Furthermore, I was unhappy with those who had promoted unhealthy, refined carbs like fruit juice, donuts, and cakes as healthy options, even going so far as to offer them in hospitals to those with metabolic issues. These actions only served to worsen the struggles of already vulnerable individuals.

It is vital to note that not all carbs are equally suitable for all people due to various constraints. Nature did not design the human body to rely primarily on carbs for energy, and even healthy carbs like fruit can be manipulated and made toxic to the body through processes like juicing.

It was surprising to me to learn that millions of people throughout history have survived and thrived without consuming refined carbs and dietary fiber, a non-essential nutrient that can even be classified as an “antinutrient.”

Taking personal responsibility to find practical and sustainable solutions in five steps.

Thank you for reading my perspectives. I wish you a healthy and happy life.

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Disclaimer: Please note that my posts do not include professional or health advice. I document my reviews, observations, experience, and perspectives only to provide information and create awareness.

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