A Mathematician’s Dream

Maryam was dissuaded by her teacher from pursuing her big dream.Photo by Randy Tarampi on Unsplash If someone had told you that you’re not up to the mark, don’t react instantly. Show them your worth. Maryam Mirzakhani did the same. She bagged the prestigious Fields Medal in 2014, is the first Iranian woman to do so. When Maryam was in… Read More

Cooperation Brings Harmony

During an emergency (A Tanka)Photo by Jud Mackrill on Unsplash Cooperation and harmony Department Alive, Forward movement together, Thoughtful memories, Orders quickly transmitted, Files fast forward here and there. — Cooperation Brings Harmony was originally published in ILLUMINATION on Medium, where people are continuing the conversation by highlighting and responding to this story.http://dlvr.it/RkzTDf

Featured Stories on ILLUMINATION

Compiled by Dr Mehmet Yildiz – Lead editor of ILLUMINATION Publication on Medium I am delighted to present this daily digest, covering featured stories from ILLUMINATION publication on Medium. I want to provide you with you a quick taste of our eclectic stories. This blog covers selected stories from many contributing writers to ILLUMINATION. 5,300+… Read More

Outstanding Stories From ILLUMINATION-Curated— Volume 46

I am lead editor of ILLUMINATION-Curated on Medium. I distributed 45 volumes of outstanding stories. This single-story allows readers to access all published stories of ILLUMINATION-Curated from a single file. I distribute our stories using various tools to reach out to a broader audience. We cover 100+ topics from different domains and disciplines. You can find the copies of… Read More

ILLUMINATION Stories on Medium

Please enjoy our selected stories today. Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today Helen Cassidy Page 7 Things That Are Harder Than Standing In Line All Day To VoteDon’t wake up Wednesday and think, oh, fudge. I should have voted but the line was too long.medium.com Dr Mehmet Yildiz Social Media for Writers: Re-FramedA six minute investment to increasing… Read More

How Can You Become An Excellent Leader?

In this article, I provide an overview of the 26 key characteristics of excellent technical and technology leaders who can survive and thrive even in the most critical situations. These excellent leader deliver outstanding business results, keep their team members sane, make their stakeholders happy, and delight their customers. My aim is to guide aspiring… Read More

Can This COVID-19 Be a Wake Up Call to Value Every Single Individual We Interact With?

Can This COVID-19 Be a Wake-Up Call to Value Every Single Individual We Interact With? This is doable when we stop being self-absorbed and start being more self-aware! Photo by v2osk on Unsplash I need to start this with a confession: I’ve been dreaming of becoming a doctor when I was a little girl! I, unfortunately, didn’t… Read More

The Miracle of Wellness

The formula of the feet (A double Haiku)Photo by Louisa Potter on Unsplash Reflexology, The miracle of the feet, Wellness formula. **************************** Loving hands moving, Rubbing your feet till they heal, Ailing body rests * ***************************** (I wrote two Haikus for reflexology. This is the working on the reflex points under your feet to make your body well and give a… Read More

La Casa Azul

Poetry A tribute to Frida Kahlo Photo by adrian alva on Unsplash The edifice stands solidly, a deep azure blue, thus it was named La Casa Azul. Behind its walls lie whispers, of the life that Frida knew. Frida painted fearlessly, all there was to tell: Her watermelon bifurcated, cut sharply into two, much like Frida’s body, solitary too.… Read More


30 October 2020 – https://medium.com/illumination Enjoy! Selected Stories from ILLUMINATION Today Mike Pole A Perplexing Comment by David Attenborough in his: ‘A Life on Our Planet’Nuances and complexities about ‘hunter-gatherers’, ‘sustainability’ and ‘options’medium.com Kashish Mehta Writing Lessons From Malcolm Gladwell’s MasterclassUnderstanding the fundamentals of writingmedium.com René Junge The Second Wave Is Here. German Government Decides… Read More

How to Architect Digital Transformation

Why should we architect digital transformation? Architecting digital transformation can address the root causes of fundamental issues that we experience in the digital world. The proliferation of digital media in the form of images, sound, and videos created a massive demand for our infrastructure to scale globally. Relentless sharing of these media types can create… Read More

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I read and published hundreds of stories on ILLUMINATION publication submitted by over 5,000 writers.. Here is a quick list from my reading list which you can directly read from Medium. They are eclectic from various topic. Hope you find something interesting and enjoy them. I’d appreciate your feedback on stories that you enjoy. Selected… Read More

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Dear WordPress Friends, In this post, I provide a list of stories submitted to ILLUMINATION-Curated publication on Medium today. The list includes links to the profiles of writers and their stories. Please enjoy these outstanding stories. Recent submissions to ILLUMINATION-Curated Rebecca Romanelli Dreams are Our Allies, Even if We Don’t Remember Them Randy Wolken What’s… Read More

Remarkable Stories Submitted to ILLUMINATION on Medium Today

I want to share fascinating stories selected from 5,000+ writers contributed to ILLUMINATION on Medium. I provided the writer name, link to their Medium accounts, and link to the stories. Enjoy and connect with as many writers as you can. You can subscribe to our mailing list to stay in touch with our progress and… Read More

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Selected stories from top writers of ILLUMINATION-Curated I compiled outstanding stories from top writers contributing to ILLUMINATION-Curated publication on Medium. You can read these stories on Medium. Please enjoy. Rebecca Stevens A. White Privilege Up Close and Personal Emily Kingsley United We Smell Simona The Mystery of Consciousness — Illuminated by Science Dr Mehmet Yildiz I Don’t Like My… Read More

Can you make over $10,000 on Medium as a writer in a month?

I am inspired to write this story after reading an insightful story by Sinem Günel, who is one of the top writers of Medium, who also contributes to ILLUMINATION and many other publications generously. You can read the details from the attached story on ILLUMINATION publication hosted on Medium. https://medium.com/illumination/can-you-make-10-000-on-medium-in-a-month-81727e4632b2

Introducing Editors of ILLUMINATION on Medium

Our editors support ILLUMINATION writers and readers.They develop our processes and procedures, and adopt technology for the betterment of our publication. Our editors come from different professional backgrounds and have extensive writing, editing, and leadership skills.They bring expertise from multiple disciplines and enrich our diversity goal. Even though each editor is unique with different skill… Read More

Business Architecture Framework for Digital Transformation

Summary of a book by Dr Mehmet Yildiz – Distinguished Enterprise Architect This a curated article on medium distributed to #software engineering, #leadership #programming. The article summarizes my book titled “Agile Business Architecture for Digital Transformation“

Interviews with Writers

The purpose of this article is to keep all interviews with ILLUMINATION writers on Medium, in a single document so that our readers can learn about them. Please explore fascinating worlds of our creative writers from these interviews. You can access all interviews from this link.

Writers have used Publisher’s Spotlight to link to over 770 ILLUMINATION articles since May 2020

Publisher’s Spotlight is going strong as a way to gain more attention for ILLUMINATION stories. The site provides a way to get a back link to your ILLUMINATION story and to increase its exposure in search engines. Love Swirl #73 Here is one of my latest works, “Love Swirl #73.”

Exquisite topics created by ILLUMINATION writers & poets: An Easter Special

Creative ILLUMINATION writers produced articles on a diverse range of topics as Easter special. The readers provide excellent feedback. I attach the curated articles in the link below: Proudly Curated Topics for Medium Readers Easter Special We know that Medium readers deserve well represented and diverse range of topics. Medium readers are valuable for ILLUMINATION… Read More

How Writing can be Therapeutic for Writers

I submitted an article to the ILLUMINATION publication on Medium discussing the challenges of writers and the need for community. The main premise of the article is that When people start feeling a warm and friendly atmosphere, they feel the therapeutic value of a writing community. As writers, we have our challenges and difficulties at… Read More

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Many talented writers submitted their articles to ILLUMINATION on Medium. We created a curated list of articles for your enjoyment. ILLUMINATION articles on Medium is linked in a single article by Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Editor of ILLUMINATION. Check this link to access the articles on many topics from technology, leadership, business, personal growth, humor, writing… Read More

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ILLUMINATION is a publication and community of writers on Medium content platform. This publication is producing eclectic topics consist of a diverse group of writers. You can read about the bios of these writers written by from their pen. ILLUMINATION WRITERS More information about ILLUMINATION can be found from the Frequently Asked Questions article documented… Read More

Design Thinking: Top 50 Thought Leaders & Influencers in 2020

I noticed a pleasingly surprising note on Linkedin titled “Congrats to the Top 50 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers on #DesignThinking (Feb 2020)!”. With this inpiration, I shared my thoughts on Design Thinking in an article on Medium content platform. You can access and read article as free of charge using a friend-link I provide… Read More

Top Twitter Contributors to CES2020 Show Information

I submitted an article to Medium titled “Meet TOP 20 Contributors to CES2020 on Twitter“. The purpose of this article is to introduce the top contributors of disseminating CES2020 (Consumer Electronic Show) information on Twitter. I provided screen captures to the actual Twitter accounts so that readers can follow them, engage with their content, and… Read More

Top 50 Digital Influencers You can Follow on Twitter

Purpose of this article is to provide a list of digital influencers selected based on their contributions in 2019. I also provide the rationale on following, connecting, and engaging with the insights of influential leaders in the digital transformation domain. Read More

Rethinking Trust and Influence for Digital Transformation within CES2020 and NRF2020 Context

This is an article about trust and influence for digital transformation giving CES2020 and NRF2020 as two sample global trusted collaboration events attended by many digital influencers, senior executives, and media members from 161 countries. Read More

Do you want to be fitter, stronger, healthier, happier, and wiser without going to a gym?

Here are 3 joyful exercises to make entrepreneurs happier, stronger, healthier, wiser, and even richer! After reading this article, you may cancel your gym membership, sleep extra few hours in the morning, and become a lifetime exercise lover. Don’t send your thank you letters yet, please keep reading. In my personal development and biohacking journey over… Read More

Magic of dancing between two optimal zones

Do you want to thrive with joy despite the most challenging situations and keep producing with passion and sustained energy? My purpose in this article is to share a hard-learned lesson, which made a life-changing impact on my success and insanity. The approach I share in this article helped me to stay calm and composed… Read More

Turn Chaos to Coherence with Architectural & Design Thinking

Warning: upon reading this article, your architectural thinking in your entrepreneurial brain can boost substantially. The context of this article is based on a three-pronged business perspective: 1. new business, 2. modernising iteratively, and 3. transforming the current business capabilities to desired versions. I offer the use of an architectural approach empowered with design thinking… Read More

Cognitive Transformation

Who hasn’t heard the term “cognitive computing” so far? Most of us in the IT industry most likely heard, read about it, or already started working with the cognitive systems for various practical use cases. Would you like to have a quick taste? Then, keep reading! I simplified this complex topic as much as possible… Read More

Business Value of Big Data as a Service

In this short article, I want to briefly introduce the business value, architecture, use cases, deployment, and service model of Big Data as a Service (BDaaS) which is a novel and rapidly growing Cloud-based service. The service is offered to support big data and analytics solutions in a cost-effective manner. This service can be considered… Read More

From Stupid Complexity to Smart Simplicity

I don’t know you yet, but I ambitiously strive for creating and maintaining a simplicity mindset in all walks of my life because complexity was almost ruining my life. I noticed the value and learnt how to consistently turn simplicity to a healthy mental, physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and professional habit. My initial inspiration for… Read More

Fail Fast and Cheap to Succeed in Your Digital Transformation Initiatives

Agility is one of the primary pillars in Architecting Digital Transformation and key attributes of entrepreneurs. In this economic climate, as entrepreneurs and transformational leaders, in our roles such as enterprise, business, data, and technology architects, we must focus on agility, act quickly, and think on our feet at all times. Our agile approach at… Read More

Magic of Fusion for Digital Transformation Leadership

The term fusion refers to joining different things with different attributes or functions together to co-create a single new entity or form. The notion of fusion relates to business compelling concepts such as integration, blending, merging, amalgamating, and more importantly bonding. Fusion relates to collaboration from several angles. It is an enhanced form of collaboration… Read More

Enterprise Mobility Challenges & UEM

Mobility became ubiquitous and an inevitable part of our lives at home and in the workplace. It has a fundamental impact on the way we conduct our business. Fortunately, or unfortunately, mobile devices created a solid bridge between homes and business workplaces with considerable implications. For example, nowadays, in some ways, employers can easily access… Read More

The First Australian IoT Code of Practice

In this article, I’d like to highlight the importance of the IoT Code of Practice within the national security and privacy context springboarding the Department of Australian Home Affairs’ Vision, Strategy, and Action Plan updates articulated in the HomeAffairsSummit. The theme was maintaining a fine balance for our Integrity, Prosperity, and Security values creating a… Read More

Digital Intelligence for Entrepreneurs

This is my first article for the Startup Magazine on the Medium content platform, even though I mentored several proteges who transitioned from technical professions to the greener pastures of entrepreneurship. During my interactions with these bold and transforming individuals, I noticed that one of the key attributes of the contemporary entrepreneurs is being digitally… Read More

Importance of Business and Architectural Models for Digital Transformation Iniatives

In this article, I want to highlight the critical importance of business and architectural models for the successful delivery of digital transformation initiatives from the accountability and responsibility aspects of a lead business architect. As business architects, we must develop multiple business and architectural models for digital transformation initiatives. A model can be defined as… Read More

IoT Architecture Non-Functional Challenges for Digital Transformation

There are several challenges related to IoT solutions in digital transformation initiatives. The problems are from multiple angles, such as business, architectural, technical, and operational. In this article, I aim to highlight vital non-functional aspects which require focus in the digital transformation programs. The most common non-functional challenges for IoT are mobility, scalability, capacity, extensibility,… Read More

Business Architecture Framework for Digital Transformation

In order to create effective business architecture for complex digital transformation programs, we must follow an established yet innovative framework. A framework is a basic structure underlying a business and technology system. Our framework can start with understanding the organisational structure of the business. This framework can include multiple considerations and business viewpoints. Business organisations… Read More

Big Data Analytics — An Architectural View

Big Data Analytics is a comprehensive business-driven discipline. At a high level, Big Data Analytics aims to make quick business decisions, reduce the cost for a product or service, and test new markets to create new products and services. Big Data analytics are used by many organisations in various industries. From the industry reports, it… Read More

Solution Considerations for IoT Gateways

The IoT (Internet of Things) Gateways are the raw data processing and transmission devices. These gateways are the communication points between sensors and the Cloud. Data coming from the sensors pass through the Gateways to reach to the Cloud. In the IoT technical literature, and particularly in architectural documents, IoT gateways are also known as… Read More

Importance of Use Cases for IoT Solutions

As IoT (Internet of Things) Solution Architects, we need to obtain, analyse, understand, and validate the IoT solution use cases preferably using Design Thinking practices. The validated use cases can be valuable and beneficial for requirement validation and making architectural decisions in the solution life-cycle. A use case is a specific situation in which a… Read More

Standards & Protocols to Consider for High Performance and Cost Effective IoT Solutions

Due to the complexity and comprehensiveness of IoT ecosystems, we need to understand relevant standards and protocols for developing solutions. IoT solutions require new standard devices, protocols, and communication mechanisms. There are several standards developed by various organisations. Therefore, it is essential to understand the IoT standards offered by established organisations such as IEEE, IETF,… Read More

IoT Cloud Integrated with Edge Computing

Sunday sunset from my window while writing this article today We all know the recent growing trends for Cloud Computing. Cloud marked a paradigm shift to Information Technology and Computing field. IoT Cloud is a critical player in the overall data ecosystem. The central role the Cloud plays in IoT is to facilitate the data integration… Read More

Agility for IoT Solutions

Speed and quality are two key focus points in IoT (Internet of Things) solutions. The traditional view is that speed and quality are the competing aspects of product development; therefore, solutions used take much longer than the current solutions. This perception is widespread as the faster the product development, the less quality it may have.… Read More

Architectural Implications of IoT Data

From an architectural perspective, we need to be aware that IoT devices generate massive amounts of data on an ongoing basis. These data sets go to the full data management life cycle; for example, in storing, analyzing, re-building, and archiving. Took a quick shot while authoring this article in Canberra — Australia Considering the scalability requirements for… Read More

Security and Privacy for IoT Solutions

When comparing all aspects of an IoT (Internet of Things) Solutions, it is clear that security tops the list. In society, there is a great deal of fear surrounding the perception that IoT systems are easily hackable. To an extent, this fear is justifiable as the consequences of hacked IoT devices and services can often… Read More

Effective Solutions Combining IoT, Big Data, and Cloud

IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, and Cloud Computing are three distinct technology domains with overlapping use cases. Each technology has its own merits; however, the combination of three creates a synergy and the golden opportunity for businesses to reap the exponential benefits. This combination can create technological magic for innovation when adequately architected, designed,… Read More

Effective Solutions Combining IoT, Big Data, and Cloud

IoT (Internet of Things), Big Data, and Cloud Computing are three distinct technology domains with overlapping use cases. Each technology has its own merits; however, the combination of three creates a synergy and the golden opportunity for businesses to reap the exponential benefits. This combination can create technological magic for innovation when adequately architected, designed,… Read More